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The Hutter Family

The Hutters   

     Christian Jacob Hutter (1771- 1849)

Sandusky Hutters:


     George Christian Hutter (1793- 1880)

     Harriet James Risque (1807-1898)

     Ferdinand Charles Hutter (1831-1885)

     Edward Sixtus Hutter II (1839-1904)

     Colonel James Risque Hutter (1841-1923)

     Adeline Lawrence Hutter (1846-1926)

Poplar Forest Hutters:

     Edward Sixtus Hutter (1812- 1875)

Easton Pennsylvania Hutters/Reeders:

     Fredericka Amalia Hutter (1810-1878)

     Sandusky was purchased by George Christian Hutter from John and Lucy Otey on April 1, 1842. The Hutter family owned Sandusky from this date, through the Civil War and until 1952 when they sold the home and the 3.84 acres it resides on to Nevil and Louise Adkinson.

     Included in the time period the Hutters owned Sandusky is the Civil War. During the Civil War George Christian, Harriet and Ada Hutter lived in Sandusky and were present in the home when it was taken over by Union forces. It is this time period that is interpreted at Historic Sandusky today. The Hutter family are still actively involved at Sandusky and often serve as advisors to the Historic Sandusky Foundation.


     Hutter Family History at Sandusky

     Family Tree

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