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Hans so much research, as you have said, have been very useful to me. I am starting to have questions that are only second nature to you, and for which I can find no answers on the internet. I would like to start by asking you about the following: From what I understand, the concept of entropy in physics is of the same nature as entropy in the entropy principle or thermodynamics? In the entropy principle, entropy is defined as a property of an isolated system? If so, how can I describe entropy, if it has no direct counterpart in my physical reality?. Thanks in advance. wincar 10 crack.rar And the question is to calculate the depth of the shock wave in the material which generate the shock wave or the gas flow which generate a shock wave?. It's just to calculate a depth? Thanks a lot. A: I read your posts on Stackoverflow. I think you are talking about fluid mechanics. I used to teach it and I understand how it works from a classical mechanics perspective. But I didn't know you were talking about heat transfer and you mention something about fluid mechanics in your question too. So here are some links that I think you will find very useful and related to your question. As to your question, I think entropy is a macroscopic property of a system and not of a single element or single particle. A system with a very low or very high entropy will be something like a big lump of ice or a tiny volume of liquid in a vacuum. In reality the entropy of a system is a macroscopic property. " />


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