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Correct Writing of a Review for a Doctoral Dissertation

As a rule, the following requirements are imposed on future reviewers:

  • possessing sufficient knowledge in a certain branch of scientific knowledge;

  • availability of a scientific degree and publications, scientific papers on this topic.

The opponent's response must contain the following information:

  • assessment of relevance and novelty;

  • data on how scientifically argued are the conclusions, provisions and proposals in the text of the work;

  • judgment about the reliability of the conclusions drawn.

In addition, in such a review written for a candidate's thesis, it is indicated what the researcher's contribution to this scientific work is, how well the work is framed. When writing a review, you need to clearly formulate thoughts, avoiding vague wording. It should be noted right away that a review of this type of scientific work is compiled as professionally as possible, since the reviewer must clearly show that he is a competent specialist in his field.

As a rule, the WAC appoints three official opponents. A review for a doctoral dissertation is compiled in much the same way as for a candidate's dissertation, but in this case, close attention should be paid to the following characteristics of the scientific research in question:

  • how developed and justified is the presented concept;

  • Does this theory contradict itself?

  • whether the proposed hypothesis is valid.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that writing a dissertation review is a rather difficult task, as it requires an honest, but at the same time impartial opinion from the author of the review, as an expert. Sometimes it is quite difficult for to objectively consider the work without offending its author, but on the other hand, if the criticism is justified, then it can help the scientist grow, while reaching a new professional level.

In order for a review to be accepted, it is imperative to follow all the rules regarding its preparation and execution. It is worth being aware that if your review is written incompetently, then this may prevent the applicant for a certain academic degree from successfully defending his work.

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