Archaeology at Historic Sandusky

More on Sandusky Archaeology:

Archaeology at Historic Sandusky has been an ongoing process since the site was formally established in 2001. Since that time, archaeological digs have been completed on the grounds and partnerships with both Lynchburg College (now the University of Lynchburg) and Hurt and Proffitt have been well established. 


The primary goal of archaeology at Historic Sandusky is to learn more about the Sandusky house, property, and past inhabitants. The secondary goal is to use what is learned to educate visitors and students. 


Over the past 5 years, archaeological excavations performed at Historic Sandusky have been to determine the site of the original detached kitchen. Archaeological excavations are also performed while exterior restoration projects were being completed and have helped to learn more about the property. An example of this is the archaeology done during the restoration of the front porch


For those interested in Archaeology Field School, it began at Historic Sandusky in 2013 and is offered yearly by the University of Lynchburg during their summer session. Check out the video below to get a look at Field School 2013.


Interested in attending the Archaeology Field School at Historic Sandusky, or simply learning more? Visit the University of Lynchburg website here.

Archaeology For Kids


Also available at Historic Sandusky are periodic archaeology kids camps. 


Children who participate in kids archaeology camps get the opportunity to learn about the significance of the house and grounds of Sandusky, and to learn about archaeology through participation in a mock excavation.


Kids archaeology camps are generally geared toward kids ages 8-12, however, groups of all ages can be accommodated. 


Hurt & Proffitt
The Archaeology Materials Laboratory at Historic Sandusky is operated by the engineering and surveying firm Hurt & Proffitt through their Cultural Resource Management Division. Through an exclusive agreement with the University of Lynchburg and Historic Sandusky the lab processes, records and temporarily curates artifacts discovered as a result of Hurt & Proffitt's archaeological work. The lab gives college students who may aspire to a career in archaeology an opportunity for on-campus employment that teams them with Hurt &Proffitt’s professional archaeologists on ‘real world’ projects. 

Follow @handparchaeologyatsandusky on Instagram to see more of what Hurt and Proffitt's Archaeologists do at Sandusky

Historic Sandusky 

757 Sandusky Drive

Lynchburg Virginia, 24502

Phone: 1- (434) - 832 - 0162


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