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The University of Lynchburg Archaeology Society is one of the newest campus organizations. There are many opportunities to explore archaeology, meet archaeologists, or pursue the archaeology minor.

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Message from the Student Archaeology Society president,

           I am humbled and honored to serve as the president of the newly formed Student Archaeology Society. The mission of this society is to create a space for students to engage in the process, practice, and understanding of archaeological studies. Through a partnership between the University of Lynchburg and Historic Sandusky SAS provides social and educational programs both on and off campus. These activities include the opportunity to be involved in hands-on excavations, lectures, and social events geared towards a deeper appreciation of Archaeology as an academic pursuit. While students enrolled in the University of Lynchburg’s Archaeology minor are encouraged to join in order to enrich their curriculum, the society is open to any student who wishes to expand their knowledge of the field.   Ashani Parker 

To learn more about the opportunities and programs offered by the Archaeological Society of Virginia click here. 

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