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Inside Sandusky's Restoration

Historic Sandusky functioned as a private residence from 1808 when Charles Johnston resided on the property, until 2001 when Mrs. Louise Early Adkinson sold it to the Historic Sandusky Foundation. Because of the homes use as a private residence, the physical fabric of the house has been modified many times in order to accommodate the technological and social changes that occurred over time. By using the evidence of these changes, educated assumptions about the early years of the house and property can be made. Also used are the records kept by those who resided in the house through its history. These things together create a social and physical history of the house that can be used in its restoration. Restoration of the home focuses on the 1840/1850 period when the Hutter family first moved into Sandusky and would have likely made the most changes to the interior of the home.


Restoration of Historic Sandusky by the Historic Sandusky Foundation began in 2001. The first major restoration project in the house was to return the Formal Parlor to its approximate look during the Battle of Lynchburg in 1864. Restoration projects that have followed have been focused on returning the Family's Parlor as well as the Formal Entryway to their 1864 look as well. These restoration projects have been greatly supported by the Hutter family, some of which still live in Lynchburg. 

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