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Lynchburg History

map project

A collaboration between Historic Sandusky and

the University of Lynchburg

The History Map project was conceived and developed by students from the University of Lynchburg with guidance from staff and faculty. Click on the buttons below to begin your experience.

Teachers, parents, and scavenger hunt enthusiasts. We have a maps activity you can work on, download it here.    


This project is ongoing, do you have an idea, comment, or correction? Please email us at

Intro map button.jpg
Map overview button.jpg
ArcGis map button.jpg
Map overview button 3.jpg
Robertson button.jpg
Map overview button 2.jpg
Hospital button.jpg
Bearss Button.jpg
Then Now button.jpg
BOL story map.jpg
Eyewitness accounts.jpg
Transportation button final.jpg
Archaeology button coming soon.jpg
Business button.jpg
Architectural button.jpg

Project Team

Master's Degree Candidate 

Dr. David Perault

University of Lynchburg

Professor of Environmental Science

Matthew Tyler Wilson

University of Lynchburg

Executive Director

Greg Starbuck

Historic Sandusky

Thank you to the many people who made this project possible

University of Lynchburg student researchers                              Project advisors

Carolanne Sink                                                                     Nancy Marion, The Design Group

Christine Moore                                                                    Keith Adams, Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.

Taylor Waymire                                                                    Dr. Eric Proebsting, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Cassie Daniels                                                                      Tripp Corbin, eGIS Associates 

Cody Ramsey                                                                       W. Scott Smith

Briana Heath                                                                        Historic Sandusky staff researchers

Alice Suobo                                                                          Kelly Childress
                                                                                           Joe Olsen

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