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For Students

Students of all ages can find something at Historic Sandusky. For elementary students we have held drawing competitions, for middle school students we host an annual History Bowl, and for high school students we have volunteer opportunities as well as access to research materials.  

Check out the Hands-On History 2017 Photo Album Here

History Bowl 
Field Trips
Hands-On History 

Sandusky Middle School 6th Grade

on a tour of Historic Sandusky

Children from

New Line Preschool take a tour of Sandusky

I find the land and the history of the place (Sandusky) extremely interesting, and I am glad that Lynchburg gets to claim her as her own.

E.C. Glass Student

E.C. Glass High School

The City of Lynchburg is rich with American history. It was interesting to learn how ordinary places throughout the city - places I pass everyday are actually sites of historic events that shaped our nation's past. 

E.C. Glass Student

E.C. Glass High School

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