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Exterior Restoration

Exterior restoration at Historic Sandusky began almost immediately when the Historic Sandusky Foundation purchased the property in 2001 and is still an ongoing process. Past projects include: creating a parking lot for the Visitors Center, removing old and dangerous trees, putting in new walkways, updating the front fence, restoring the porches of the house, roof repair, removing 20th century additions to the house as well as many other exterior restoration projects. Most recently, work has been done to add an additional walkway and stairs to the Visitors Center/Classroom for ease of access from the main parking lot. 


Many of the exterior restoration projects have been completed using grants, donations, and volunteer work from local citizens. Yearly on Park Day, a day of battlefield clean up and preservation sponsored by the Civil War Trust, local volunteers assist in the care and restoration of Sandusky's outdoor spaces. To learn more about Park Day and the Civil War Trust go to,


Park Day 2015
Restoration of the Sandusky Exterior
The new visitors center walkway
Restoration of the Visitors Center Roof
Follow the Links Below to Learn More About Sandusky's Exterior Restoration
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Porch Excavation Report
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