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Fredericka Amalia Hutter

Fredericka Amalia Hutter was born in Easton Pennsylvania October 7, 1810. To her friends and family, she was known by her middle name, Amalia. Amalia was educated at Moravian Female Seminary in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and married Andrew Horatio Reeder on September 13, 1831.  Amalia died in Easton August 16, 1878. 

Andrew Reeder graduated Lawrenceville Academy and then began to study law. He was admitted to the bar in 1828 and took high ranks in his profession. In 1859, he was appointed by President Franklin Pierce as first Governor of the Territory of Kansas and was then removed from the position for refusing to aid in making Kansas a slave state. Andrew Reeder returned to Pennsylvania and would become Delegate to the Republican National Conventions on 1860 and 1864. During the Convention of 1860, he received the 3rd highest vote for Vice-President of Abraham Lincoln. Andrew died in Easton July 5, 1864. 



Pictured at right, Amalia Hutter as a young woman (top) and Amalia Hutter later in life (bottom). Pictured at left, Andrew Reeder later in life. 

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