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James Risque Hutter

James Risque Hutter was born at Sandusky on October 18, 1841. He was known to family and friends simply as Risque and was addressed that way in most correspondences. He graduated from Virginia Military Institute July 1860 and entered the Confederate Army in 1861. Here he served as Captain of Company H, of the 11th Virginia Infantry. He was promoted to Major in 1863, Lieutenant Colonel in 1864, and Colonel in 1865. Risque was wounded and captured during Pickett's charge on Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg July 3, 1863. He was exchanged and then recaptured at Five Forks, Virginia April 1865 and was held as a prisoner of war at Johnston's Island Ohio until July of 1865. 

Risque married Charlotte Stannard Hutter, the daughter of Edward Sixtus Hutter at Poplar Forest, October of 1877. 

To learn more about Risque's time as a Civil War soldier, and to read the  POW journal he kept while on Johnston's Island,  visit the Digital History Project, "Lynchburg in the Civil War".

In the photos to the right, James Risque Hutter appears above as a young man in his Confederate uniform, and below late in age in his rocking chair on the side porch of Sandusky. The portraits below are of Charlotte Stannard Hutter and James Risque Hutter painter unknown. 

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