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Understand the Symptoms Of Mental Stress - 2022 Guide

People that are suffering from mental illnesses often suffer from a constant need for love, one that their illness does not let them feel. Adopting a pet allows them to feel loved at all times and also gives them something good and positive to focus on. The concept of adopting an emotional support animal is on the rise now even though it is a fairly new concept. ESA or emotional support animals are those animals that are specially adapted in an effort to assist with mental issues, especially anxiety and depression. Although they are domesticated animals, it is not so easy to adopt them. You cannot get an ESA if your therapist has not prescribed it to you, which is formally called an ESA letter. It allows you to formally adopt an emotional support animal and keep them with you in mentally challenging situations.

Emotional support animals are different from service pets depending on the service they provide. ESAs help their owners in providing psychological support to their owners. One more thing that makes emotional support animals different from pets is that pets cannot be taken everywhere, but ESAs can be taken everywhere, like airplanes, restaurants, apartments, etc. It is because of the esa letter for housing which formally allows the pet to be taken anywhere they are required to.

On one hand, where the emotional support animal provides its owner all the love and support, it also needs a lot of attention and care that the owner needs to provide. If your emotional support animal is a domestic animal like a dog or a cat, you need to provide for their outdoor activities. While these animals are providing love for their owners they also need the same amount of love and attention from the owner.

With the changing seasons, the requirements of your emotional support animal will also change. In the winters, their fur is often enough to keep them warm and safe from the cold but when it comes to summertime, there are several things that you need to keep in mind while taking care of your pet.

Animals, cats, and dogs, do not experience hot and cold in the same way a human does. As many people consider an emotional support animal letter to be very helpful, cats can also be very helpful when it comes to emotional support. While summers are a good time to bond with your pet, you might have to be more careful about their well-being. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your ESA cat cool during the summertime.

The normal temperature for a cat is around 38 degrees Celsius; anything that goes above means that your pet is in danger. Animals prefer to drink plenty of water and pant to keep their temperature cool. If your pet is showing signs of heat exhaustion try to move them to a cool place and give them water.

Provide lots of Water

It is very much possible that your emotional support cat can get dehydrated during the summer heat. You have to make sure that the emotional support animal always has access to clean water inside the house. It is also very beneficial if you take a water bottle for your pet outdoors just like you take one for yourself.

Providing Shade

Your pet must stay under a shade. Being directly exposed to the sunlight can cause them to get overheated very quickly and that can lead to heatstroke.

Frozen Treats

It is a good idea to treat your ESA cat with a bunch of frozen treats. You can place the regular cat food in ice trays and give it to her as a frozen treat. It will keep the cat calm and cool.

Do Not Leave Them in the Car

As we have mentioned before, it does not take long for a domesticated animal to get overheated. It would be a very bad idea to take your pet with you in the car and then leave them in there. It would take them around 10 minutes to get a heatstroke. So it is best that you take your emotional support animal with you rather than leaving them in the car.

Grooming your Pet

While it might seem a good idea to get your ESA cat shaved for the summer, this might do more harm to them than good. An animal’s fur is designed to keep them warm during the winters and cool during the summertime. It would be a bad idea to shave off their entire coat as it also provides comfort to them. Rather if you want you can trim the fur and leave a few inches. An animal’s fur also keeps them protected from sunburn.

Use Sunscreen

Believe it or not but animals also need to wear sunscreen to keep themselves protected under the sun. Animals can also get affected directly under the direct sun. It can cause sunburns and at times it can also lead to cancer. It is best to keep a sunscreen that is specifically catered to pets and apply it on your ESA’s least covered areas after every 3 hours.

You can also try to keep your walking hours either early in the morning or late in the evening. It would not require you to keep a lot of items for you and your pet and it will also keep your emotional support animal-safe. For more information, do visit visit

Use a Cooling Mat

There are a variety of items available for your pet in the market. You can buy a cooling mat to keep in the bed of your cat. Or you can also use a wet towel, which will work the same as a cooling mat for your cat.

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