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Historic Sandusky Archives Internship

Hi, I am Christine Moore. I am an archivist, here, at Historic Sandusky house. I am currently working on the Lane Letters. With my major in history, focusing in American history, my work is something that I thoroughly enjoy. I also have a minor in museum studies, so being able to work at this historic house is giving me an experience of what working in a museum will be like. I started working at Historic Sandusky in the fall of 2017. I come to Sandusky four times a week and work on the Lane Letters. What I do is read through the scanned letters and transcribe them.

The letters consist of a Confederate soldier writing to his fiance, Mollie. While most would think that his letters would be about the war, they are not. They are actually about how much he misses Mollie and about the people he encounters that she also knows. I am still working on these letters, but the ones that I have done are very interesting. His letters give a very human side to a very cruel war.

Being from northern Delaware, this work has been very interesting. History at home is mostly about the DuPont family and the Revolutionary War. Being able to dive deeper into the Civil War has been a great experience for me. I am learning things from the Lane Letters and also from my co-workers here at Historic Sandusky.


About the author:

Christine More is a sophomore at Lynchburg College and an archives intern at Historic Sandusky.

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