A Student Perspective on Sandusky by Ashani Parker

One of my favorite parts about being a student worker at Sandusky has been learning about the history and heritage of the city firsthand. I was originally introduced to Historic Sandusky as a freshman on a tour, but it was not until I became an upperclassman that I was offered a job at Sandusky’s archaeology lab. My official title at Sandusky is that of a “Cultural Resource Assistant” and while that is an accurate designation of my role it does not necessarily explain what I do. Work done in the lab builds upon the work of archaeologists out in the field and pieces together contextual information about a site based on their findings. Consequently, an archaeology lab works as a sort of liaiso

Transcribing History

My name is Emma Coffey and I am a rising sophomore majoring in History. I started working at Sandusky in the fall of 2019 transcribing Confederate letters. I enjoyed working on these letters immensely because I found the entire experience interesting. I have learned about so many people’s lives during and after the American Civil War. For example, there was one soldier, Erasmus Lee Bell, who wrote a sketch in his life. In this sketch, he wrote about how he enlisted in the military when he was 18 and it follows his life during the war. One challenging aspect of this work is how I must transcribe some of the words because it might be difficult to make out certain phrases based on a person’s ha

Researching Local History

My name is George Diamond. I am a Junior History major at the University of Lynchburg. I started working at Historic Sandusky at the beginning of the 2019 fall semester. I was naturally drawn to working at Sandusky due to its importance in the local history of Lynchburg. The manor house was used as the Union Army headquarters during the Battle of Lynchburg in the Civil War. This and the presence of many primary source historical documents piqued my interest and thus began my work there. Since then I have mainly been involved in transcribing letters pertaining to the life of Edward H. Lane, a lawman from Louisa County who fought in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Later in the sprin

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Historic Sandusky 

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Historic Sandusky is currently closed due to the pandemic. Visitors can walk the grounds and take a self-guided tour using our new self-guided tour brochure available on the wall of the visitor center.

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