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Running Social Media for a Non-profit Organization

by Jenna Bryant

My name is Jenna Bryant, and I am a senior studying marketing at the University of Lynchburg. I started working at Sandusky in August of 2020 as a digital marketing intern. As a digital marketing intern, I manage the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for Historic Sandusky. My internship has allowed me to learn a lot about social media marketing. For example, I had never used HootSuite before working for Sandusky. HootSuite is a popular social media marketing software that allows its users to design and schedule posts. Now, I am proficient in scheduling social media content with HootSuite because I have used the software several times each week since the start of my internship.

One of my favorite projects that I have been a part of while working at Sandusky includes the ‘Sandusky Selfie Contest’ that I designed with the help of my supervisor. The ‘Sandusky Selfie Contest’ was an Instagram contest that encouraged University of Lynchburg students to come visit Historic Sandusky by giving them a chance to win a gift card if they took a selfie with the Sandusky house and put it on their Instagram story. The ‘Sandusky Selfie Contest’ was a success because it expanded our reach and allowed us to make connections with the desired target market of the contest.

My time at Historic Sandusky has taught me many practical skills that will help me be successful in my career field. I hope to have a job lined up for after I graduate in May 2021, so I can take all of the valuable lessons that I have learned as a digital marketing intern and apply them to a new position. In the meantime, I will be creating more content for Sandusky’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, so follow all of our social media accounts to see my contributions.


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