Running Social Media for a Non-profit Organization

by Jenna Bryant

My name is Jenna Bryant, and I am a senior studying marketing at the University of Lynchburg. I started working at Sandusky in August of 2020 as a digital marketing intern. As a digital marketing intern, I manage the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for Historic Sandusky. My internship has allowed me to learn a lot about social media marketing. For example, I had never used HootSuite before working for Sandusky. HootSuite is a popular social media marketing software that allows its users to design and schedule posts. Now, I am proficient in scheduling social media content with HootSuite because I have used the software several times each week since the start of my internship.

One of my favorite projects that I have been a part of while working at Sandusky includes the ‘Sandusky Selfie Contest’ that I designed with the help of my supervisor. The ‘Sandusky Selfie Contest’ was an Instagram contest that encouraged University of Lynchburg students to come visit Historic Sandusky by giving them a chance to win a gift card if they took a selfie with the Sandusky house and put it on their Instagram story. The ‘Sandusky Selfie Contest’ was a success because it expanded our reach and allowed us to make connections with the desired target market of the contest.