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Design at Historic Sandusky

Historic Sandusky sign created by Graphic Design student Ryan Creasy

My Name is Ryan Creasy and I am a student at Lynchburg College. I study Graphic Design and I was given the wonderful opportunity to be an intern at Historic Sandusky. I applied many techniques and skills that I learned in my graphic design courses at Lynchburg College, and created several brochures, a logo, and a stationery design. The programs I used include both Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. I also work for the school paper The Critograph as the graphic designer, so many of the skills I applied to the projects at Historic Sandusky were from past experience.

My job consisted of strengthening previous designs, while adding my own design elements to them. I knew that most of my work was just for experience, but I was extremely happy to hear that Greg Starbuck, the director of Sandusky, approved one of my designs for print. The one they will be using is the Landscape tour that I created for them.

I learned a lot from working here, and plan to add all the work to my portfolio. This is just one more thing I can add that will hopefully help me land a job somewhere within the graphic design field. It was a great opportunity, and I am truly glad to have helped Historic Sandusky along the way.


About the author: Ryan Creasy is a senior art major with an emphasis in graphic design at Lynchburg College.

Click Here to see how Ryan went about editing the Sandusky brochures:

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